Good morning, everyone! While waves are flat, walking along the beach and dipping into the ocean is the thing to do in my beach resort life! Let’s start working now!
Back to my lovely coco paradise!
Happy September , everyone!


Inspirational trip to Morocco from the tropical island Bali.


Good morning, everyone! 
We had an international surf film festival ’ OMBAK BALI’ at the weekend! 

I have seen the process of works to make this event from a year before as one of my close friend works on it.

It is similar to my work that I work on one collection for whole year.
I cannot wait to finish the process of 2015 collection ready now! 

Now many of people at the factories have gone back to their villages for Idul fitri ( Islamic holiday ). Again I am on hold of sample works!! 
But ‘what it is is what it is’….! We will have a holiday for it too!

 Have a happy happy week, you all 

Good morning! Here I wear the sample maxi dress/Sunlight!!We are going to have a photo shooting session with this dress this week!Have a great day, everyone 
sample fabric ’ Sunlights’
Good morning! Next season’s fabric sample Like!!Have a happy day  
Dewi dress / pink
At the quiet beach with my favourite coco!
Charot dress x Army colour boots

Good morning! How are you doing, everyone?I have been designing Q.HEART’s sister label lately!  I will let you know more when I can!Have a lovely day!!  
I wish you a happy day!
Happy Monday!!
Good morning, everyone!Weekend is already around the corner! Sunset cocktails would be super for this weekend!Have a gorgeous Friday and wonderful weekend, you all x x x x x Photo at Unique roof top bar RIMBA Jimbaran Bali.